St George Day Festival Staten Island 2011
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Mission & History:

A New Legend:
IT'S THE TIME for all of us to replace old legends of overpowering and violence with new models of cooperation and problem-solving, human ingenuity and design science, bringing creativity to difficult situations! To help nurture this movement, we present Staten Island's St. George Day Festival!   Read on...

St. George and the...
... Ferry? Here in Staten Island we think of the Ferry Terminal when we hear of St. George. But since hundreds of years, all around the world, "St. George" has been associated with something else...


  Saint George is the patron saint of many of Earth's countries and regions, such as England, Ethiopia, Turkey, Canada, Catalonia, China, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia!

   A famous "George" is immortalized in the myth of St. George and the Dragon, which, in a tiny nutshell, is roughly this:

"The PEOPLE of a village had a very bad conflict with a DRAGON. They appeal to a person named GEORGE to help solve the conflict. George kills the Dragon."

That's the usual version of the story...

we have re-invented the St George and the Dragon mythology...

In our version of the story, St George helps the People and the Dragon learn to hear each other and work things out peacefully, ultimately becoming Allies who enrich each others lives. Can you imagine that most conflicts (especially ones involving limited resources) can be solved if we can learn to listen respectfully, and use less, sharing what there is? Abusing our planet, our fellow creatures and each other has lead to some serious consequences- maybe it's not too late to learn some new ways of relating!!

Staten Islanders of all ages are rising to the task of reinventing our world, coming out to creatively celebrate our diverse community, and having a wonderful time together!

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This ST GEORGE DAY FESTIVAL OF EARTH DAY AND ARTS CELEBRATING COMMUNITY AND DRAGONS is made possible in part by funding and people power from the Every Thing Goes Stores, and by a DCA Premiere Grant from the Council on the Arts and Humanities on Staten Island with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and a grant from Partnerships for Parks of City of New York Parks & Recreation and the City Parks Foundation, major help from GrowNYC and
CATPAW, the Community Association of Tompkinsville Park Promoting Arts and Whimsy!